1. a force which uses beauty and pleasure to lure the unsuspecting consciousness toward the divine

2. love as a fundamental creative impulse having a sensual element

 3. the group of instincts that govern acts of self-preservation and that tend towards uninhibited enjoyment of life




the latin genus name of all species of Hawks


Eros Buteo:


an artist firing arrows to the heart in the form of songs enticing submission to the forces of love




 A hush settles. From but a glimpse, the depth of relations Eros shares with the Muse is obvious.

There is finesse in his touch, discernment in his musical choices. He is listening intently. This music is a byproduct of listening, and it entices an audience to the same. His approach is tantric: patient and sensitive, a slow opening. 

   Once the the spell has been cast, his audience enchanted and entranced, the lyrics paint images upon ether. The psycho spiritual content brings the listener to the door of herself, and together they step through. 

   Drawing from years of both extreme outward experience, faith-traveller, wandering serenade, tantric explorer, as well as deep inward expeditions, through the shadow self, internal family, countless hours in meditation, in poetizing emerging epiphanies, spiritual practice, medicine work, self-study, the growth opportunities of a childhood in poverty, exposed to urban violence, parental imprisonment and drug addiction. These songs are not merely pretty. They are moving. The goal, after many long years of development, has been achieved: most performances will draw tears…